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Another testimony from “Adopt-A-Club”


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Hi everyone, that’s June now officially over, and what a month it’s been.

So, that was June…what’s in store for July. Well, it’s been a great start already… with support from Photographer for ‘Renewal’

Photographer played the amazing Andy Wood remix on his Edge Sessions show.  You can hear the track on the podcast link below.

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If you are part of the TrancefamilyUAE…I have some exciting news for you very soon.

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“Adopt-A-Club” from Saturday 7-19

Here is a testimony from a young man who got prayer for healing in his body (AND GOT HEALED) on our Saturday rave outreach… #jesusluvsravers

“So I thought this was really cool, a group of old school ravers were walking around offering words of encouragement, prayers, and all around good vibes. It’s amazing that they came there just to spread the word and love on people.”

Few testimonies from Saturdays “Adopt-A-Club” Atlanta


Saturday the “Jesus ❤ Ravers” crew went out to a local 18+ EDM nightclub (rave). 

Once we pulled into the parking lot, there were young ones hanging out by their cars. Our team anointed ourselves with oil, prayed again in the car, and got out to walk towards the club. As we walked up, there were tons of young beautiful ladies with less than bathing suits on. At that moment, several things were going thru my mind at that time…
1. Do your parents know you are here? What would they say if they knew you were here?

2. I just wanted to have the words to pierce them about what true beauty is!

3. Do you know you were made in the image of GOD?? 

4. Do you know you don’t have to dress that way to feel beautiful!
I had waves of emotion flowing…

Upon entering, we walked to the back of the club to the stage where they were playing more of my style of EDM. Our team began to dance while asking God to flood that place with His presence.

One of our team memebers and I decided to go to the ladies bathroom. We discovered that NONE of the doors had locks on them. So, as I was holding the door for my friend, a young girl says “wearing that Jesus shirt while you know you will be up in here drinking or something”. I said with a smile “nope, I don’t drink.” She looked at me puzzled, smiled and walked away. Oh that these ones would experience the freedom in Jesus… to know that don’t have to partake in worldly pleasures to enjoy themselves.

As our whole team walked thru the club, our hearts were overwhelmed with how much we want to see revival happen in the EDM scene. To have hundreds of young ones walking around and in one moment they could take their last breathe…and where would they go… majority- HELL! Jesus! God, grant us boldness and pierce us with Your presence to set the captives free!

We were standing in the main room and this young man turns to me and says “do you guys need any party favors?” With a smile and a gentle pat on the shoulder I responded, “no, bro. But do you need Jesus? He is the party favor. He is the most HIGH!” The young man said “are you talking to be about Jesus at a rave?” I said “yup! That’s why I’m here. He sent me here tonight to let you know He loves you, dude.” He said with a smile “okay, thanks” and walked away. 

As we were leaving the club, I saw a young black lady. She looked just like someone I had prayed for about a month ago in a club parking lot. I approached her and said “I think I met you about a month ago in a parking lot?” She said “I don’t think so.” She said she liked my shirt and that her mom is a minister. I asked her if her mom knew she was at a rave. She said I tell her I go to “shows”. I began to tell her my testimony about my rave pass. I told her we come to raves to let people know that Jesus loves them… I said “ya know, you just never know when you will take your last breathe.” She hug me and said “thank you”. 

These are just a few stories from the abundance of testimonies we have from Saturday night….





Electric Daisy Carnival NY- Saturday

My first experience going on “mission” with “Jesus luvs Ravers” was amazing!! Upon entering the Electric Daisy Carnival it started to down pour. At first we were praying for the skies to clear. But, we quickly realized this was an unexpected opportunity to talk with ravers waiting out the rain.
Our team surrounded by masses of ravers trying to stay dry decided to break into prayer to shift the atmosphere and open doors. As soon as we broke our prayer huddle the Lord highlighted a couple. Without hesitation or analyzing, I approached them. At first the girl was not receiving me but the Lord opened a door. They told me they were engaged. The girl Monica started to beam at my interest in their relationship. That opened a door to share with them both how I was introduced into the rave scene by my boyfriend; that our relationship turned into marriage as well. I was able to share how we were lost and searching for MORE. As I was talking through this encounter and watching the Lord work, my heart couldn’t have been more alive. Here I was 12-13 yrs past my days of walking in this darkness but now redeemed in Christ leading a precious couple down the straight and narrow path of the Lord!! How good is the Lord to allow me to lead them down a path that was so far from us during that time. As we spoke I found out they were Catholic. I asked them if they had ever heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They had not so I asked them if I could share the gospel with them. Yes, thank you Jesus!! There we went on a 5 min. adventure through the scriptures. I was over the moon- nothing else brings my heart more joy then to share the Gospel with an unbeliever. They read the gospel themselves as we interacted with questions. Monica was a lawyer and very inquisitive. The Lord was moving in her heart!! As we went through I watched Hebrews 4:12 take place in her heart. (12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart). Her fiancé James was a little apprehensive but the Lord allowed for him to hear that Christ is to be first in his life and in their marriage. Praise God!! Monica was telling James; “wait, let me finish going through the gospel”. Love it!! The conversation ended with me asking Monica what Romans 10:9 was saying to her heart. With a huge smile on her face and visible expressions of receiving revelation Monica said; “ If I confess with my mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved”!! James was ready to roll, we ended with a quick prayer of blessing! The Lord spoke!!
Yes Lord, here we go pumped and fired up into another 16 hrs @ this 2 day festival to dance with the Lord and love on ravers!! All the praise and glory to our Father in heaven for the hundreds of lives touched that weekend!! Thank you Jesus for this slice of heaven in the “Jesus Luvs Ravers” Holy Spirit movement ; )


Made to worship!

This group at EDCNY was made to worship God… awaken them Lord! 🙂

DEATH – Ultra 2014

I only pray that this young man (that the below article is about) saw our “Jesus ❤ Ravers” flags at Ultra. I hope he was able to talk to Jesus before he took his last breathe. Deaths happen at almost every festival…more of a reason to let the precious festival goers know that they were made for ETERNITY with a God who truly loves them.  HEAVEN AND HELL ARE REAL

Below is from a Miami news article.


A young Ultra attendee has died under mysterious circumstances.

Adonis Escoto, 21, passed away in a car parked near the music festival. He and his friends had been attending Ultra since Friday night. Late Saturday night, however, Escoto suddenly began to feel dizzy.

“We have no idea what happened,” says aunt Rosa Escoto. “He didn’t take drugs. We think maybe someone put something in his drink without him knowing.”

News of the death first spread on social media. Friends and family members of Escoto — an improv comedian who performed under the name Adonis Peña — began posting photos of him Sunday saying “RIP Adonis 30/03/14.”

Rosa Escoto says she first learned of her nephew’s death when she received a call at 1 a.m. on Sunday.

Adonis started feeling sick Saturday night while at Ultra, she says. His friends, however, thought he had simply drunk too much, and they took him to their car to sober up. When they returned a couple hours later, Escoto was dead, according to his aunt.

A Miami Police spokesman said the department did not have any information on Escoto’s death. A Miami Fire-Rescue official also said he had no knowledge of any deaths at Ultra, although a patient could have passed away after being transported to a hospital. Jackson Memorial Hospital did not return phone calls for comment. Neither did Ultra. We will update as soon as we hear from the music festival.

It’s not inconceivable that Escoto died from accidentally drinking something laced with drugs. Last year a 23-year-old Ultra-goer went into a coma and nearly died after someone gave him water spiked with anti-freeze.

Another youth, 20-year-old New Jerseyan Anthony Cassano, did die from a drug overdose last year at Ultra.
There are few details available about Escoto’s death. His older brother, Dionis Escoto Jr., confirmed that Adonis died while attending Ultra, but asked for media to respect his family’s privacy.

“We’re mourning his loss,” he said. “If you want to leave us alone, that’s cool. I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

Adonis Escoto’s Facebook page reveals a young man who loved EDM. He “liked” several DJs and belonged to Facebook groups “ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKETS,” “REAL Parties/Events For The FLY & YOUNG,” and something called “just about killed 088577.”


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